Choosing the right course for you
Our educational programme is designed to offer training at specific levels—beginners, intermediate and advanced and ones for mixed levels.

To help you choose you may also find it beneficial to read our course and workshop reviews and testimonials and feedback

You can also telephone us if you’d like to discuss your suitability for a particular course on 01298 77125 or send an email to courses@ovm.co.uk

Level 1 – beginners:
These are suitable for people who are new to drumming or have a little drumming experience.
Example – Rhythm Matters – an overview

Level 2 – intermediate:
These are suitable for people who have a few years drumming experience.
Examples – Afrocuban Percussion Studies & Afrobrazilian Percussion Studies

Level 3 – advanced:
These are for people that wish to have further studies in specific instruments &/or music styles. The workshops are for confident players, possibly with several years drumming experience already behind them
Example – Roots of Cuba Top Up Module

Mixed Levels:
These are for people who have some drumming experience through to advanced players. They are not suitable for complete beginners.

Examples of mixed level workshops are; Edun Ara – bloco de carnaval and the Samba Fusion Workshops