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OVM workshops are divided into separate categories with each being suitable for a specific level or levels of ability. There are a series of workshops in each category and although these workshops are designed as integrated courses, they work individually. For example, you need NOT have attended the 1st workshop in order to attend the 2nd.

The Rhythm Matters – level 1 series of workshops are for beginners, the Journeys in Rhythm – level 2 for intermediate level and the Advance in Rhythm – level 3 for experienced players. There are also Mixed Level workshops suitable for various combinations of ability.

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EXCITING NEWS – new samba eBook
Our first eBook called ‘Introduction to Samba Batucada’ is now available. This is a multimedia resource for studying percussion enabling you to learn at your own pace. Includes video demonstrations, two styles of notation and a practice facility with MangoDrum software.

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MANGODRUM – a percussion composer for Windows
Written by MightyMango in collaboration with One Voice Music, MangoDrum software is a valuable tool for composing percussion grooves and helping you and your group learn and practice your repertoire away from the rehearsal room.

MangoDrum is very easy to use – you really don’t need to have experience with music software and it is designed to meet the needs of community samba groups and their members. A FREE 30-day trial version is available now….

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