Rhythm Matters - an overview

This new course of 4 modules is equally suitable for complete beginners and for those with some percussion playing experience. The course is designed to develop rhythmic awareness as well as specific percussion skills.

Students will be introduced to a range of Brazilian & Cuban percussion instruments & explore syncopation & polyrhythm. Each weekend will focus on specific instruments & music styles.

Although the workshops are designed as an integrated course, they also work individually. Non-percussionists who wish to develop their rhythmic skills will also find the course beneficial.

There is probably no other series of such carefully designed workshops where you can learn about the basic concepts of Cuban & Brazilian percussion and get a solid grounding in the techniques involved in playing the various instruments.

This course is run by the Benslow Music Trust (in association with One Voice Music) as part of their “Making Music at Benslow” training programme for 2011.

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