OVM is proud to announce the release of our first eBook

Introduction to Samba Batucada

A multimedia resource for studying percussion written by award winning tutor Ravin ‘Raz’ Jayasuriya

Introduction to Samba Batucada

A new way to learn…
This is the first of a series of eBooks developed by One Voice Music which bring together a number of different resources to help students learn about Brazilian and Cuban percussion.

One Voice Music eBooks are designed for Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7.

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“An impressively comprehensive overview of the basic of Brazilian rhythms. The explanations are easy to follow and it is a great tool for music teachers to start exploring these infectious beats with their students. Intended for use in educational environments and is particularly suited to classroom applications.”
Rhythm, the UK’s best-selling drum magazine

Inside this 60 page eBook you’ll find:

Over 40 videos, including videos on how to hold instruments, playing techniques, patterns and swing

Detailed information, explanation and practice tips for some of the most commonly used instruments in samba

Mango Drum, an application that allows you to listen to and practise at your chosen speed to all the patterns in this eBook!

All patterns are written in standard and grid style notation

A full composition including call & response, intro, breaks, solo lines and ending.

All notation pages done as pop-up images so that you can print them out for yourself or your group

Background information about samba

Detailed information about how to use the eBook

ITSB - about samba pages

It’s easy to use…

It’s a fantastic resource….

And it’s incredible value for money….

“I found the eBook easy on the eye and interesting – not only to look at but informative as well. It had loads of information that will certainly be useful in practice.”
Lesley Chapman, Cambridgeshire Music Service

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