Candomblé Drumming & Songs

Dates: 8th – 10th Feb 2019
Tutor: Ravin ‘Raz’ Jayasuriya
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Workshop details
Candomble 2014
This is a study focusing entirely on the drumming from the Afrobrazilian traditions of Candomblé de Ketu & Candomblé de Angola. The honouring of deities through drumming, singing and dance are fundamental aspects.

In Brazil the deities are known as Orixas, with each one representing a particular aspect of nature such as thunder, lightning, earth, wind, fire, or an activity such as hunting or working with metals.

The traditional drums are known as Atabaques and in order of pitch from high to low they are called Lé & Rumpi (side drums) & Rum (lead drum). The Ketu playing style uses a pair of thin sticks for the side drums and a stick & hand technique for the lead drum. The Angola style uses only hand drumming.

During this workshop we will learn rhythms, known as toques, that are specific to a particular deity as well as rhythms that reach several deities. We will also learn some song sequences to go with the rhythms we’ll cover.
Candomble 2014
We will study material for several Orixas from:
Exu, Ogum, Oxossi, Logun Ede, Oxumare, Omolu, Xango, Iansa, Iemanja, Oxum, Nana, Oxala

Please bring a pair of conga drums or atabaques if you have. If you’d like to borrow drums from OVM for the workshop please ring us and reserve them well in advance.

Arrive from 6 pm on Friday. The workshop ends at 1.30 pm on Sunday after which there’ll be lunch. Participants need to depart by 3 pm on Sunday. Full details will be sent on registration.

Thurso Centre, Felden Lodge, Felden Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP3 0BL

Sat Nav users please use the postcode HP3 0BB as this will bring you right to the front door of the venue.

Costs & deadlines:
Early Payment Rate is £170 and is available to the first ten people that register, and £195 thereafter. Booking deadline is 25/1/19.

Costs are inclusive of accommodation, food, tuition, scores & administration.

Accommodation is based on shared rooms of 2, 3 or 4 people.

The costs above are for payments received by bank transfer or cheque. Payments by Credit & Debit cards will incur an additional charge of 3.5%

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Tel: 0843 289 9530 / 07833 377 432

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