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MangoDrum is a very competent and pleasing piece of software. Composing functions are easy to recognise and use, and the players’ licence is excellent for helping band members to learn new music (or tricky sections) at home. The sound reproductions are easy on the ear, and people who can’t read manuscript music are able to easily understand the grids. Being able to see, hear and join in with Mango underpins the learning process. Vanessa Johnston, Dumfries

Snapshot of a grid

sample grid

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Audio & video samples

Listen to an audio sample of the grid above. This audio sample was created in MangoDrum using the program’s default sounds.

To watch the MangoDrum Player video tutorials – click here

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Default instruments & rhythms

Agogo, Tamborim, Caixa, Repinique (Samba & Samba Reggae), Ganza, Timba, Surdos (high, mid, mid/low & low), Whistle, Claves, Conga, Tumba, Cowbell, Guiro

Samba, Samba Reggae & Tumbaiao

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Program features

  • include up to 15 instruments & 20 sections in a composition
  • compose in a number of time signatures
  • choose from a selection of sounds & import your own
  • isolate instruments so you can practise parts individually
  • use the metronome to help you practise in time
  • adjust the tempo to practise at your own pace
  • use the mixer to adjust the volume of each instrument
  • a flashing beat bar to mark the tempo that can be switched on or off
  • the possibility to compose and create playlists
  • printing out the grids in different formats as a reference
  • print your compositions for reference or to share with others
  • many more features

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The MangoDrum Library allows organisations such as bands to share grids amongst their members with the advantage that members will always have access to the latest versions of those grids.

Libraries are created on your band’s website where you can store the grids you wish to share. Band members can access these grids with a library key.

How to create a MangoDrum Library

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For your group

MangoDrum is designed especially with community percussion groups in mind. It will help all the members of your group to learn & practise your repertoire away from the rehearsal room. The leader or leaders of a group can purchase a full version and create compositions that can be shared with other members of your group. The other members would just require the Trial version, which is FREE for an indefinite period.

This is a fantastic resource to help your members learn your band’s repertoire.

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Windows or MAC?

MangoDrum is designed for Windows™. If you’re a MAC user then you’ll need to install a plugin such as ‘Winebottler’, ‘Parallels’ or ‘Fusion’ plus Windows OS in order to run the application.

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Purchase MangoDrum

To purchase a MangoDrum licence, please click here