Roots of Cuba feedback

Here are testimonials from some students on their experience of the Roots of Cuba course

from Adrian Waters
from Bethan Emmett
from Assaf Soudry
from Kirby
from Tarik Anegay
from Hannah Bee
from Tarnya Pearce

“Module 4 of 6 and we’re already beginning to worry what we’ll do when the course ends! Once again, we had had a great time, with a variety of new rhythms – I especially value the way the group support each other – that’s the advantage of learning together in a closed group – and the level of trust that allows us to try new things and get it wrong sometimes.” S.B. Oxford

“Somehow we manage to cram in loads of stuff into the one week – lots of different rhythms to take away to practice, and loads of ‘learning by ear’ during the week. The standard of teaching is really high and seems to work for everyone at different levels, and with different ways of learning. It’s such a well constructed course that there’s nothing to fault. Although we learn loads each week it never feels overwhelming. Somehow it’s taught in such a way that we just get it. It was great to have guest teachers/players this time too. It really makes a difference hearing high standard playing in the classroom on the material we’ve just studied. Can’t wait for the next module!” C.B. London

“I have enjoyed everything relating to the course, the tuition has been fantastic. The way the course is structured allows for a close group to develop, I’ve not only become a better musician, but I’ve made friends and have gained experiences, which have enriched my life. I would recommend this OVM course to anyone; there will be something to suit your playing whatever your level. You will receive quality tuition, learn loads, have a great time and make some new friends! This is the best thing that I could have done with regards to becoming a better drummer” A.W. Stoke

“I could write an essay but this is without question the best drumming / life experience I have had in my 15 or so years of playing percussion.” J.D. Shetland

“The course covered more material and depth than I ever imagined. It has given me a wealth of knowledge and ability that I didn’t anticipate gaining in just two years, especially singing, I never expected that and I love it!” A.S. Israel

“The course has given me knowledge of Cuban folkloric music, developed my technique and increased the pleasure of making music. E.M. Huddersfield

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