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Courses coming soon: Camp Iroko, 15-19 Aug 2018 ~ Edun Ara at CarFest South, 25-26 Aug 2018

BOOK NOW! Camp Iroko – 15-19 Aug 2018 Due to demand, this year’s course is one day longer, running from Weds eve to Sun afternoon.

CARFEST SOUTH – 25 & 26 Aug 2018
edun ara
Cost is only £30.00 (price Includes full weekend camping and festival passes!)

Come & take part as a drummer or dancer.

A new project mixing elements from Brazilian & Cuban music presented by One Voice Music and Global Grooves

Are you looking to improve your percussion skills?…..

No matter if you are a beginner, have some experience or are an advanced player.

We are passionate to help you to move on to the next level.

We offer courses and e-learning resources that can make a real difference to your playing..

Read some testimonies from past students

“Very impressed with Raz’s teaching skills, particularly his attention to detail with each group. I felt he spent enough time with each individual section. Also, his manner was very pleasant and it felt very relaxed – despite learning some new and more complex rhythms he made it seem quite easy somehow.” Sambadoc, Pembroke

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