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Coming up: RODA DE SAMBA, 6-9 Feb 2020 ~ ROOTS OF CUBA, Group 9 Module 2, 4-8 March 2020 ~ CUBAN CARNIVAL WEEKENDER, 16-19 April 2020

6th – 9th February 2020
Pagode Studies

A NEW course focusing on the unmistakable and beautiful sound of Brazil’s rodas de samba. We will also learn material from Rio’s new style of blocos which play in the roda de samba set up.

Instruments covered on this course will include Repique de mão, Reco Reco, Pandeiro, Tantan, Conga, Surdo & Cavaquinho.

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Dates: 16th – 19th April 2020

Cuban Carnival Weekender

A new intensive residential workshops drummers, horn players & singers, focusing entirely on Cuban carnival music, suitable for existing players to further their knowledge and skills under the guidance of three highly experienced tutors.

This workshop is suitable for players at intermediate level and above.

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Module 2 dates: 8th – 8th March 2020

Roots of Cuba

This course of 6 modules will provide you with a solid grounding in a wide range of percussion instruments and rhythms from Cuba. Click here for more details

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“Very impressed with Raz’s teaching skills, particularly his attention to detail with each group. I felt he spent enough time with each individual section. Also, his manner was very pleasant and it felt very relaxed – despite learning some new and more complex rhythms he made it seem quite easy somehow.” Sambadoc, Pembroke

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