Review: Percussion Workshop, Oxford

learning tamborim phrases
Dates: Sat 27th January 2007
Tutor: Ravin ‘Raz’ Jayasuriya

Course Background:
Raz was invited by Bethan Emmett to present a one day workshop for 25 people. This mixed abilities group consisted of participants from local the Samba group, Samba Sol.

Tutor summary:
My brief was to present a piece of music that combined elements from Cuban and Brazilian rhythms for the Bateria. I presented a piece for Ochun/Oxum, Yoruba Goddess of Sweet Water, and Obatala/Oxala God of Peace and wisdom).

I mixed aspects of traditional Ijexa from Brazil and Iyesa from Cuba and also borrowed some rhythmical patterns and phrases from Cuban bata drumming which was played on the Surdos.
timbas playing Ijexa
The music has several sections including; intro, bridge, two main grooves and a couple of breaks. The group worked hard and everyone was extremely attentive throughout the day. There was a good balance of instruments with 6 surdos, 3 repiniques and snares, 4 timbas, 5 agogos and 5 tamborims. The music was played with a good swing and the group held the tempo well.

There was plenty of material with challenges for all and towards the end of the day we had time to play through the music from beginning to end a few times


Fusion groove for Ochun

Surdos, repiniques, snares, tamborims, agogos, timbas

Some general guidance and tips for playing in a more relaxed way. Helped snare and repinique players with tips to improve stick control.
Repiniques phrasing

Participants’ comments:
The workshop was beyond my expectations. It was a fantastic experience and I was so pleased with how much I learnt in a day – thank you. Bethan Cohen

As ever, Ravin’s teaching style was great and the piece we learnt worked really well with the band.
Jonathan Fawcett

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