Review: Percussion Workshop, Colwall

Repiniques phrasing
Dates: Sat 9th & Sunday 10th February 2007
Tutor: Ravin ‘Raz’ Jayasuriya

Course Background:
This workshop was organised by Sam Ware who invited groups from the region to participate in a one and a half day workshop culminating in a performance.

Tutor summary:
Many members from Baixa, Sambassadors of Groove and Batatân attended the workshop. We worked on a fusion piece mixing elements from Cuban and Brazilian rhythms for the bateria. The piece was dedicated to the Yoruba God of the Oceans (Olokun) and combined elements taken from Cuban Bata drumming mixed with Samba Reggae from Brazil.

The group worked very well together and on the Saturday, in only a few hours they learnt a piece that had two sections, some breaks and phrasing for Repiniques and Timbas.
Snares playing Cuban Conga
The evening concert consisted of separate performances from each group and everyone as a large ensemble presented the workshop piece.

On Sunday morning, we had some time left over to begin working on a piece based on the Cuban Conga by transferring patterns on to Brazilian carnival instruments

Rhythms: Fusion groove – Olokun, Cuban Conga

Instruments: Surdos, Repiniques, Timbas, Snares, Tamborims, Cowbells, Chocalho

Techniques: Stick techniques for playing phrases on Repiniques, alternate sticking patterns for snare patterns and tips for improving tones on Timba

Participants’ Comments:
From a personal point of view, the music was stimulating again, and I continue to learn from observing Raz teach. Sam Ware, Organiser

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