Review: ẸDÙN ARÁ - bloco de carnaval 2007

This year we presented a piece for the Yoruba Goddess Oya (Iansan) – her aspects include the warrior-goddess of wind, lightning, fertility, fire and magic.
Oya and her sword
She is a brave warrior and remarkable tactician and together with Chango (his third and favourite wife), they led their army and were victorious in many battles resulting in the expansion of territories under his rule.

The design of the dance costume reflected the flow of the wind combined with sharply cut edges that represented lightning.

The choreography itself represented three of Oya’s well known aspects – wind, lightning and warrior. There are many colours associated with Oya but she is often represented by one of them a maroon/wine red which was the main colour for the dance costume this year.

The drummers wore red shirts and white trousers. This red and white combination represent Chango, the Yoruba God of Thunder. Chango is a warrior king with many aspects including lightning and justice and he is Lord of the drums. His symbol is the double-headed axe and a version in white material is sewn onto the back of the drummers shirts.
Edun Ara - bloco de carnaval 07
The drumming, played on Brazilian carnival percussion instruments, is a fusion of rhythmical elements drawn from Afrocuban and Afrobrazilian traditional music played for Chango.

This year we added songs from the Afrobrazilian tradition of Candomble & the Afrocuban tradition of Santeria.

The number of participants almost trebled from 2006. We had 60 drummers and 25 dancers taking part. There were lots of new people this year as well as many who attended last year returning for more.

Everyone gave all their energy for the entire parade and the two static performances. As the bloco was winding along the streets of Hitchin town center, crowds gathered to cheer and marvel at the spectacle.

Study Overview:

Rhythms: Groove for Oya/Iansan
Instruments: Surdos, Repiniques, Snares, Timbas, Tamborims, Agogo bells, Chocalho
Dance: Choreography for the Goddess Oya/Iansan

Preparations have already begun for next year’s project where another Yoruba deity, common to Afrobrazilian and Afrocuban traditions, will be honoured with more creative and colourful percussion and dance offerings from ẸDÙN ARÁ – bloco de carnaval.
Edun Ara - bloco de carnaval
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