Comments from Camp Iroko

Teaching at its very best. The atmosphere created by Raz, Dave and Vicky, of friendship, camaraderie and teamwork, underpinned by their expertise and excellence, is impossible not to succeed in. An absolutely top-notch event. Thank you! Jim Bernardin, Brighton

Thanks again for an awesome weekend. Camp Iroko encapsulates a perfect balance between detailed study and informal fun. Open to students of all levels and experience, it allows participants to learn from each other and bond as a group. But while the study is special, the real magic of Camp Iroko happens around the campfire, where everyone can add something to the singing and drumming. Karen Steadman, Cardiff

Camp Iroko is a blast for anyone wishing to delve into the world of Afro-Cuban/Brazilian percussion and with their amazing & generous teachers you will undoubtedly come away feeling inspired and encouraged to explore these fantastic cultures more deeply! Manos Felice, London