Testimonial from Hannah Bee

My name is Hannah Bee I am a music teacher, living in Islington london, I also manage and run a small music studio/ venue also in islington. I have been a musician all my life, playing on a semi-proffessional level drum kit, percussion and vocals. But not on the level that I have since doing the Roots of Cuba.

I luckily have attended the Roots of Cuba 2000-2002 and part of the roots of brazil 2003. Also some day/short courses in rumba, afro cuban drumming and percussion. After completing a B.A.hons in Art with the London Institute in 1999, I enrolled with O.V.M. in 2000.

I found the roots of Cuba course very satisfying and for quality of tuition and content vastly superior to my degree course. Since starting the roots of Cuba my career, leisure and employment has become focused around teaching, studying and promoting events to do with Afro Cuban and Afro Brazilian music.

As a tutor I can honestly say Ravin is superb facilitator, and teacher. I found him knowledgeable, thorough and consistent from week to week. He inspires a very healthy supportive atmosphere amongst the students and I know the general opinion of Ravin amongst all the students was of deep respect and gratitude.

And since finishing, I have been to Havana. Cuba to study music and to network for future events at my studio in London. Once in 2005 and earlier this year. I have recommended lots of my own students and friends to O.V.M. and Ravin. And would love to another course if one was available. I miss the times studying with Ravin.

The venue is also very appropriate for this sort of residential course. I feel the O.V.M. courses deserve to carry an official qualification, as they are such good preparation for a career that would be involved in anything from music teaching to playing music on a professional level.
Hannah Bee, London

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