Testimonial from Niall Gregory

Prior to attending the encontro in Manchester ,which was the first time Dudu Tucci had came to the UK ,my interest in percussion was as a hobby, nothing more. After this I learned of Ovm and got to know about various courses they were holding. I heard about the AIP in Brazilian percussion that was coming up.6 people from my group in Ireland decided to take part in the course. I have also attended various weekend courses run by OVM like samba fever. My interest in Cuban percussion also led me go on the “ROOTS OF CUBA “ course.

The residential nature of the course was one of the main draws for me as a percussionist. It’s great to be able to retreat to the countryside and concentrate completely on your playing. There was also lots of time to forge friendships with fellow students. I have made several close friends as a result of my participation on OVM courses. The structured nature of the course also allows lots of time for practice alone or as part of a study group. This also gives lots of opportunities for one to one learning with the teacher. The choice of venues also led to a good atmosphere among students and teacher.

While attending the AIP I realised I would like to make a career in music and especially in percussion. This gave me more confidence in my own ability to run workshops and also as a performer. I have gone on tour in Europe and north and central America. OVM helped me achieve my goals. It was the only company offering these kind of learning opportunities in the UK. I have made several field trips to Cuba since Ii finished my course. I felt very well prepared with the knowledge and playing time “ROOTS OF CUBA “ had given me.

There is a huge need for a company that can provide this kind of learning. Not having to travel abroad to get such authentic knowledge is essential for students. Avery high level is possible through OVM courses.
Niall Gregory, Drogheda, Ireland

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