Testimonial from Sandra Dyer

I was introduced to Ravin Jayasuriya (Raz) and One Voice Music by a fellow musician at a time when I was frustrated with the lack of learning opportunities that I felt suited my particular needs and aspirations as a percussionist.

The first module of the Roots of Cuba course was very exciting for me because it was clear that the exceptional teaching skills of Ravin Jayasuriya would at last provide an opportunity for my learning needs to be meet.

In my opinion Ravin possesses the personality and skills that enable him to create a safe learning environment. On the Roots of Cuba course he taught deeply spiritual folkloric Afro Cuban music in an informed and respectful way, displaying an ability to break down the most complex music, making it accessible, inspiring and exciting.

I feel Ravin has an attitude in his teaching that clearly illustrates he cares about his student’s learning. On the course Ravin was able to achieve the perfect balance of ‘theory’ and ‘feel’ whilst working toward a high level of technical ability and stamina.

Ravin has played a crucial role in my musical journey. I have learnt vital lessons about my individual learning process and his teaching has had a positive influence on the way I teach today.

Ravin Jayasuriya continues to be a huge source of inspiration in my study of Afro Cuban songs and rhythms. Bringing this music into my work, in performances and teaching in schools, has been exciting, rewarding and well received.
Sandra Dyer, London

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