Testimonial from S.Dyer

Since 1998 I have been facilitating rhythm based workshops including drumming, movement and singing, in short term projects and long term residencies in numerous inner city London schools and a wide variety of community based projects.

In spring 2002 prior to commencing One Voice Music Roots of Cuba Course I was extremely busy in a band (Cascada) and building up a partnership company (Drumhead). For my own development as a musician and to feel more confident in my work I acknowledged a serious need for study to improve my drumming skills and increase my repertoire. However I struggled to find courses or teachers to fit into my busy schedule that inspired me enough to commit my time.

For me OVM created the best possible learning situation catering for all my domestic need in a beautiful comfortable and friendly setting of Whaley Bridge that left me free to put all my energy into playing, learning, understanding, absorbing and being inspired by a massive amount of deeply profound and complex musical material and background cultural Knowledge.

The benefits have been massive and life changing: – An obvious and dramatic increase in my competence as a drummer and musician. – A better appreciation of the benefits of life long learning. – An opportunity to develop transferable skills for my own teaching. – Greater enthusiasm, and job satisfaction in my chosen field. – An opportunity to fulfil long term ambitions to study Afro Cuban music and culture in depth in Cuba and in this country. – The opportunity to make lasting friendships and professional contacts.

Increased confidence in my abilities as a performer and teacher has led to better work opportunities and more challenging and ambition projects e.g. Cascada performance at The Globe Theatre and Drumhead performance at The Royal Festival Hall with The London Philharmonic Orchestra.

OVM courses encourage, challenges motivates and inspires learning. My personal experience has led me to encourage many friends (fellow musicians) and colleagues to sign up to Root of Cuba and other OVM courses. The feedback has always been extremely positive.
Sandra Dyer, London

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