Comments from Samba Group leaders

10 out of 10 Vamanos members recommend ‘Raz’ as often as possible! Paul Wilkinson, band leader of Vamanos, Bideford, Devon

“Raz’s teaching style and gift for enabling players of all levels to move on and learn is brilliant, combining drum styles, technical tuition, songs and rhythmic games. His workshop was everything I knew it would be: encouraging, technically brilliant, relaxing, challenging, enabling and fun!!

“Raz has inspired people to reach new heights in their playing ability and in themselves. He is a great role model for any teacher / leader – his calm and relaxed style helps bring out the best in people.

“Although we were limited for time, every second was packed full of information. A completely inspiring weekend where no matter what your playing ability there was something for everyone”. Jude Kirk, Pensamba, Penzance

“Ravin has a really lovely way of teaching that worked well with people at a variety of levels of ability and confidence. It was a wonderful week-end, many, many thanks from us all”. Tessa Massey, Sambando, Leicester

“We brought Raz in to teach us a new piece and to design some Afro-cuban arrangements . Raz’s calm teaching style, wealth of knowledge and ideas gave us a real boost – I know the band have really enjoyed his teaching and the pieces he taught us were really beautiful and well tailored to the band’s skills. As well as this its given us an enthusiasm and drive to get a fantastic set together.

As band leader I have really appreciated working with Raz and picked up some new techniques for my teaching as well. I would recommend getting Raz in for any band that’s looking for new ideas and to improve the skills and motivation of its members.”
Bethan Emmett, Sol Samba, Oxford

“I was thinking of giving up drumming but now I’m re-inspired!!Ravin is without doubt the best drumming teacher I have ever worked with. His workshops are fun, gentle, inspiring & challenging all at once. Beautifully paced & well thought out. He notices everyone and subtly brings out the best in each one of us resulting in a cohesive group that produces amazing music”. Evi Landay, South-West Samba, Castle Douglas

“Thanks for a superb workshop, the band have been transformed! Everyone really enjoyed the week-end and it was great to see the transformation in attitude & approach that happens as a result of these intensive workshops”. Paul Wilkinson, Samba Sol, Devon

“Your recent weekend workshop has had a profound effect on the band! As a result of your visit, I feel we’re beginning to find our niche, performing this wonderful fusion of Cuban/Brazilian music that you compose so well. You can take it as a huge compliment to your skills that you’ve helped a band define its direction and find its identity, no mean feat!”
Paul Wilkinson, Vamanos, Devon

“Thank you for making it such a fun weekend. All of the feedback has been very positive and everyone was amazed at the amount of stuff they learned and not just the rhythms! You managed to reach all of the levels within the group and the band leaders have all said how much they learned and are now going to put into practice. Looking forward to more samba workshops on this sunny island”. Emma More, Raw Samba, Isle of Wight

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