Testimonial from Jon Halls

Before I started attending OVM music courses I was a self-employed craft worker and market trader. I played a little Samba and drum kit for recreation. I have always wanted to make a living out of music but never knew how.

Within a year of attending the OVM course I had gained enough confidence and skills to start teaching in schools and within three years I was working solely on music projects and achieved some of my personal goals.

Continued development through OVM has opened up professional performance opportunities, given me heaps more confidence as a tutor, showed me good teaching practise, given me stacks of material to work with, opened up my ears and reminded me I can learn anything I really want to, even things I thought were totally out of my reach.

The courses are well structured, well paced and quite intense both mentally and emotionally as the nature of this close and expressive environment often brings things to the surface. However working through this is an important part of the process and I have always made new and special relationships with others as a result.

In fact the courses are probably too good as they cant keep me away and am going to request a lifetime membership. Thanks to all at OVM for exceptional work.
Jon Halls, Ipswich

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